The State of Cold Chain

The United States has a well-developed Cold Chain to move poultry and meat from the farm to the consumer. Yet, poor meat and poultry distribution management and processes still cause plenty of food borne illnesses every year.

What Causes food borne illnesses in Poultry and Meat?
Meat and poultry food borne illnesses can occur for many reasons:

  • Improper Temperature Control
  • Improper Management and Maintenance of transportation units causing exposure to chemical or biological contaminates
  • Poor Packaging and/or Loading
  • Ineffective Pest Control management
  • Bad Personal Hygiene of someone in the food supply chain
  • Poor Transportation Unit Design

Why Hire RQL?

We Are Your Cold Chain Experts

Federal produce transportation and food safety regulations are ever-evolving and the risks for non-compliance are too high to ignore. Shipping a contaminated load can ruin your company’s reputation, endanger the public and cost you customers – not to mention draw unwanted attention from regulatory agencies.

Potentially, you could get on Uncle Sam’s naughty list. The new FSMA gives the federal gov even greater power to regulate and punish companies that fail to comply to the new law governing poultry transportation and meat transportation.

At RQL, cold chain is our business. Our culture, our processes, our carriers, and our people are focused on food safety each and every day… each and every load. We understand cold chain best practices, food safety and the FSMA.

Don’t expose yourself to unnecessary risk with a freight broker that doesn’t specialize in cold chain.

FSMA – Higher Food Safety Standards from the FDA

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)

With the passage of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), the bar has risen. More will be expected from everyone in the cold chain. Food safety processes will need to go from great to almost perfect.

Your cold chain supply partners will need to be upgraded. Your transportation provider should be an expert in cold chain, food safety and the FSMA.

Using a freight broker or 3PL that occasionally books a reefer is not good enough anymore. Your team must be experts at food safety – your freight broker should be too!

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RQL’s Approach to Food Safety and FSMA Compliance

RQL Smart possesses a deeply-ingrained culture that values and emphasizes food safety every step of the way. Our leadership team has deep roots in the poultry business, so it comes very natural to always be aware of and stress the importance of food safety to our entire team. Food Safety is of crucial importance to our Clients, so it is of crucial importance to us!
Unlike many of our competitors, RQL trains every member of our team in the importance of Food Safety and the regulatory requirements of the FSMA. We use this ongoing training as a way to constantly reinforce food safety best practices and to continually impress our food safety focus, the importance of adhering to our strict processes. Service to our customers who ship food is at the core of everything we do. And it starts with insuring food safety on their behalf. Our training program is led by our leadership team member who has completed HACCP training.
As Cold Chain Shipping experts with a long history, we move a lot of food shipments for countless satisfied Clients. Over time, we have really perfected the art of Cold Chain operations, as well as the art of white glove customer care. It begins and ends with attention to detail. It includes extensive discovery of our Clients’ unique needs and the proper documentation of their specific requirements and preferences. This is at the heart of providing unmatched Customer Care. In addition to thorough discovery, we do document requirements upfront which helps us to procure the right equipment / truck(s) for your load. We also maintain extensive internal account records. Our goal is to get to know you as well as we are able and to keep you very, very satisfied.
Having high-quality partners who value Food Safety as much as we do is one of the keys to protecting our Client’s interests and the end customer’s product from food borne illnesses. RQL has a comprehensive pre-qualification process for our partner carriers that is nearly unmatched and unheard of in the industry. For all new carriers, our carrier contract contains a clause on FSMA compliance. And all of our existing partner carriers are all FSMA compliant.
At RQL, we have developed processes and procedures that enable us to manage your shipments in the most effective and efficient manner possible. That includes making sure we document customer requirements in our system and cross-checking them against past loads. We also double-check our carriers to ensure that they meet our high standards. All of our processes are enabled (enforced) by state-of-the-art technology. We have created our processes and systems to minimize bad shipments (late, out of temp control, cross contamination risk, etc.).
Communication is the game changer in transportation and logistics. At RQL, we pride ourselves on our written and verbal communication. One extra phone call or follow-up email is often the difference between a late shipment and at risk food. You can count on the RQL team for professional and proactive communication.

Each and every Client is assigned a dedicated Account Manager and a backup Account Manager to ensure a consistent experience.

Our goal is to get better every day. We are always looking for potential hazards and risks to food safety. When we find risks, we improve our process to eliminate or minimize them.

Why Choose Us

      • We specialize solely on Cold chain transportation – wit a particular focus on poultry, meat, produce and dairy products
      • We are 100% Food Safetly Modernization Act complaint.
      • Our staff is Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) trained.
      • All of our employees are FSMA trained!

Client Testimonials

RQL has worked with our company for several years. We continue to utilize their services because their staff is friendly and accommodating. They ensure on time service when picking up and delivering our loads. RQL is extremely dependable, offer regular updates, and they are committed to customer service.
Adam Voigt, Sanderson Farms
RQL offers proficient assistance when handling my loads. I can always count on their carriers to have reliable and prompt delivery times. When calling for an update, they give accurate dispatch information and are prone to helping fulfil my needs. RQL is a pleasure to work with.
Martha Rodriguez, Cervantes Distribution Inc.
I have been working with RQL for approximately 4 years. There are several reasons that I continue working with this company, specifically Jake. Jake’s prices are extremely competitive and he is willing to keep prices current through the season’s changes. RQL stays in constant communication, gives daily updates, and offers additional information when asked. Jake, along with his coworkers, work to understand my needs and fill them in a very professional and timely fashion.
Jim McClaskey, Randal Foods, Inc.