Quick Pay to Keep the Cash Flowing and the Wheels Turning

Without our great carrier partners, we wouldn’t have a business. For this reason, RQL has two customers – the shippers who needs freight moved and the trucking professionals who move the freight.

Owning and maintaining a truck is expensive. Sometimes, the cost of fuel, maintenance, tolls and driver living expenses necessitate a quick cash infusion.

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We Can Get You Cash – Fast!

We like long term, win-win relationships with our partner carriers. For that reason, we offer a number of quick pay options that will keep the cash flowing and the wheels turning.

Our Quick Pay Options Are Fast, Convenient and Cheaper than Factoring

      • Less expensive. Our Quick Pay interest rates are cheaper and easier than factoring your freight bill.
      • Easy to Apply. To apply, please contact your broker. Our goal is to make this an easy process.
      • No Qualification Necessary. As a member of the RQL carrier family, you are approved.

Carrier Testimonials

I enjoy working with RQL for several reasons. The brokers and staff are very clear on times and locations. They are honest and upfront about their rates, but they take my drivers into consideration. They have a very professional atmosphere, along with their staff being friendly and attentive. Whenever a problem arises, they make sure to inform us and help resolve the issue in the best way possible for all parties involved. I always feel that I’m being taken care of by their employees.
Beto Garcia, Pam Transport
I’ve been doing business with these guys since doors first opened, the staff is amazing and professional. We have hauled for them many years now, and they have never disappointed. RQL always has loads for our drivers at great rates. Their brokers and staff members are very friendly, reliable, and helpful whenever any problems may arise. They have freight year-round with advance and quick pay options. They ALWAYS pay on time with no hassles or deductions. RQL is a great company to work with.
Anthony Rincon, CRC Logistics