Dedicated, Professional Account Management

Every single one of our Clients is assigned a dedicated Account Manager who is responsible for the Client’s complete and total satisfaction.

The benefits of a dedicated Account Manager are myriad:

Relationships – Dedicated Account Managers often build strong relationships not only with their customers, but also with carriers and receivers. Tight relationships foster communication and keep the process running smoothly. Good relationships lead to savings, better on-time performance, happier people, etc..

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Account familiarity – A dedicated Account Manager, working closely with the customer develop an account familiarity that leads to better service. Account familiarity enables the logistics provider to learn about the shipper preferences, personalities, working hours, freight characteristics, dock rules, etc.

Extension of your supply chain – Our goal at RQL is to become an extension of your supply chain team. A dedicated account manager is a must in this respect. A dedicated Account Manager can’t help but take their Client Accounts personally, making prudent decisions on behalf of their accounts and doing everything possible to ensure peak performance.

What If My Dedicated Account Manager is Out of the Office?

We like the dedicated account manager model, but sometimes people are out of the office or even leave the company (rare occurrence at RQL). For those times when your account manager is out of the office, we got your back.

Why Choose Us

      • Each of our customers has a dedicated account manager trained-up on Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) compliance.
      • Each of our Customers has a dedicated, cross-trained account manager in case their primary account manager is out.
      • All of our Account Managers are fanatics about communication and shipper and carrier documentation.
      • Technology – we have invested in state of the art transportation management systems, load tracking sensors and load board to ensure that we bring every advantage to our customers

Client Testimonials

RQL offers proficient assistance when handling my loads. I can always count on their carriers to have reliable and prompt delivery times. When calling for an update, they give accurate dispatch information and are prone to helping fulfil my needs. RQL is a pleasure to work with.
Martha Rodriguez, Cervantes Distribution Inc.
I have been working with RQL for approximately 4 years. There are several reasons that I continue working with this company, specifically Jake. Jake’s prices are extremely competitive and he is willing to keep prices current through the season’s changes. RQL stays in constant communication, gives daily updates, and offers additional information when asked. Jake, along with his coworkers, work to understand my needs and fill them in a very professional and timely fashion.
Jim McClaskey, Randal Foods, Inc.