Cold Chain is What We Do… Every. Single. Day.

We are your Cold Chain Experts. It is what we do, day-in and day-out. We have built our business over the years into a best in class operation providing best in class solutions for our customers.

Walking the walk

Talking the talk is one thing. Walking the walk is quite another altogether. At RQL, we walk the walk.

  • We not only preach operational excellence… we personify it.
  • We not only preach the importance of excellent Team Members… we hire them and keep them happy.
  • We not only preach the value of an excellent Carrier Network… we maintain one.
  • We not only talk about expertise… we demonstrate it at every turn.
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What makes RQL a Best In Class provider?

At RQL performance is everything. We start with meticulous attention to detail, from the small engagements on up to the large engagements. We are an operation that values and insists upon excellence from each and every RQL Team Member. We are an operation that believes there is always room for operational improvement, even as a well-established, high-performance provider.

We make the investment in time, talent, and constant introspection so that we can continue to count ourselves among the very best in the industry.

Why Choose Us

      • We are poultry, meat, produce and dairy transportation experts.
      • We are Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) compliant.
      • Our staff is HACCP-trained.
      • Each of our Customers is assigned to a dedicated account manager with cold chain expertise.

Client Testimonials

RQL offers proficient assistance when handling my loads. I can always count on their carriers to have reliable and prompt delivery times. When calling for an update, they give accurate dispatch information and are prone to helping fulfil my needs. RQL is a pleasure to work with.
Martha Rodriguez, Cervantes Distribution Inc.
I have been working with RQL for approximately 4 years. There are several reasons that I continue working with this company, specifically Jake. Jake’s prices are extremely competitive and he is willing to keep prices current through the season’s changes. RQL stays in constant communication, gives daily updates, and offers additional information when asked. Jake, along with his coworkers, work to understand my needs and fill them in a very professional and timely fashion.
Jim McClaskey, Randal Foods, Inc.